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    Export custom forms via api?

    darthgeek Lurker

      Is there a way either via cloudclient api command or via some other method to export custom forms that are attached to composite blueprints?


      I currently dump my composite blueprints to csv format nightly and commit any changed/new ones to source control.


      Is there a similar way to do this with custom forms that I've created and attached to the composite blueprint?

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          daphnissov Guru
          vExpertCommunity Warriors

          API looks to be in the Composition Service. /api/blueprints/{blueprintId}/forms/{formType}

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            darthgeek Lurker

            Thanks. That's a large help. I seem to be tripping on the blueprintId value. Is it the "name" the "id" or the uuid of the blueprint?


            Assuming I have a blueprint with a custom form. Blueprint name is "Windows Production".


            The YAML file has the following


            id: WindowsProduction

            name: Windows Production


            cloudclient tells me that the uuid is ce982dad-ac29-456a-9831-7d83ba4a008e


            I've tried subbing in all three values to my API call, but I consistently get "401 - Unauthorized". I'm getting a bearer token as myself, a user that has full vrA admin access.




            https://vra/composition-service/api/blueprints/WIndows Production/forms/external




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              daphnissov Guru
              Community WarriorsvExpert

              The blueprint ID is always in GUID format. Don't believe what the YAML tells you. If you're getting a 401 then that seems pretty specific (as opposed to a 500) and sounds like permissions. I'd have to try this out myself later.

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                Vsure Novice

                I just got an export of our custom form working yesterday using the forms-service.   I use the blueprint contentid to find the correct form.  Here is a snippet my PowerShell script

                function Main(){
                    $blueprintContentId = "MyBlueprintId"
                    #Export the Custom Form
                    $formId = (getAllForms | ?{$_.parent -like "*$blueprintContentId"} | select -First 1).id
                        $formFolder = Join-PathEx -Path $outputDir -ChildPath "customForm"
                        $filePath = Join-Path -Path $formFolder -ChildPath "$formId.json" 
                        getForm($formId) | ConvertTo-Json | Out-File $filePath -Encoding utf8
                function getAllForms(){
                    $headers = @{“Content-Type” = “application/json”; “Accept” = “application/json”; “Authorization” = “Bearer $token”}
                    $uri = "https://<vra-fqdn>/forms-service/api/forms?page=1&limit=1000"
                    $response = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $uri -Headers $headers
                function getForm($id){
                    $headers = @{“Content-Type” = “application/json”; “Accept” = “application/json”; “Authorization” = “Bearer $token”}
                    $uri = "https://<vra-fqdn>/forms-service/api/forms/$id"
                    $response = Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri $uri -Headers $headers