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    Create Shortcut in Favorites

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      I am stuck with a problem here. I am trying to figure how I can create a shortcut in C:\Users\%username%\Favorites and undo at log off


      I do not want to use Files and Folders option since it doesn't have a undo at logoff option.


      Any ideas?

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          Hi cbaptiste,


          It's a bit weird, maybe, but you can do that via personalization:

          1. Leave Import/Export empty
          2. Create a Predefined Setting (of type Fully Enforced Settings) with the favorite you want to provide
          3. In Profile Cleanup, add


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            cbaptiste Enthusiast

            I ended up doing it with [ExcludeFolderTrees] in Internet Explorer in Personalization
            I created a User Environment > Files and Folders


            I excluded <Favorites>/Folder

            I created that the shortcut in that folder. Anything that gets stored in that folder obviously will not be imported/exported.