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    Configuration Element - Element  Not Set

    Jonathan77 Novice

      Hi, this one should not be that complicated...


      I have a workflow that send an email at the end using the Library / Mail action.

      I have the binnding done .. i.e for toAddress, smtpHost, smtpPort, etc...

      However there are by default the username and password, etc.. that are also correctly bind.


      The problem is that I created a configuration element with all the value that I need there... and it is linked on the workflow.


      When I validate the workflow... sometimes I get an "Attribute <attribute_name> configuration not set" error.


      Now,.. most of the time is the password one.. so these are optional and we do not use them, so they are not set to any value in the configuration element.


      To have the validation to succeed, I go in the configuration element, edit it, double click in the value field, and I do not change anything, just save and closed.

      Rerun the validation on the workflow and it passes.


      However the same happen again shortly after when I try to rerun the workflow.


      Is there a way to avoid having these validation to fail because of empty configuration elements?


      Thanks for any inputs that could help.

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          iiliev Champion
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          Few questions:

          • Which vRO version is this?
          • When you rerun the workflow and get validation failure - are you launching a new workflow execution, or re-running a previous workflow execution?
          • What is the type of the attribute you get validation errors for - securestring, normal string, or something else?
          • Could you prepare and attach a small sample workflow + configuration element that demonstrate the problem, so we can try to reproduce it in our environments?


          In general, you can disable validations in the client (Tools > User preferences > Workflows), but not per individual validation check.

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            Jonathan77 Novice

            Up until now.. I got the errors after importing the package in vRO.


            I got these randomly from boolean attibutes and secure string password one too.


            I got error when running a new execution workflow.


            We have Orchestrator 7.5 embedded in vRA.


            Before I was using the attributes configured on the workflow itself and did not get this issue...


            It only happens when placing these as configuration elements.


            I attached some screenshot.


            Thanks for your help.

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              Jonathan77 Novice

              Finally I was able to workaround it.


              As I am not using username / password, I removed the binding from the Configuration element and just leave these empty in the workflow.


              Validation passes... So if another need to use password, then they can set the correct value in the configuration element and bind these again.


              Thanks for you help.