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    IPv6 with VIO 5.1 VDS

    dalo Hot Shot

      I'm trying to get IPv6 working with a VDS deployment, but the DHCP doesn't deliver a IPv6 IP.


      If I create a server with v4 and v6 I got only a v4 IP. If I assign a v6 IP the connection over v6 works too.

      But I want to deploy a server with only IPv6, because v4 IPs are rare.


      I contacted the support and get the answer "we do not support IPv6 on a VDS deployment". This is really annoying, because in my opinion this is really a important "feature" today in a cloud environment.


      I'm trying now to setup the IP via user-data, but this fails because the Linux guest customization relies on a IP connection to

      Does anybody can help me with this, to assign the IPv6 in the guest to the IP automatically selected from VIO?

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          dalo Hot Shot

          I could solve this:


          Use (only) "config drive" for metadata, delete additional network config in /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/ on the guest OS.

          Setup a IPv6 Network and a subnet with "--no-dhcp"

          Crate a server with: "--config-drive true"