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    Defference between vCenter Migration vs Backup and Restore

    arjunek Novice



      I really would like to understand what is the Difference between vCenter Migration vs Backup and Restore.


      I have a vcenter server 6.5 windows based, CISCO Hyperflex is installed on top of that.

      We had migrated this server to VCSA 6.7 and everything looks fine. I deployed a new hyperflex cluster as well. all looks stable.


      The problem came up when we remove and try to reregister the Hyperflex cluster it is throwing an error "VI SDK Exception: com.vmware.vim25.InvalidLogin"

      I tried all troubleshooting in hyperflex side finally came to know some issue from the vcenter side(for testing we deployed new vcenter and deployment, reregister everything works smoothly on this )


      Now am going to try to take the backup from vCenter management appliance and restore the inventory and configuration to new vcenter. Is this make any changes? Is it make sense?


      Am invite experts advise of this, please!!!!