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    What Catalog template did vapp com from

    HDVM Novice

      We have had vcloud director for several years and i am trying to find out if our catalog  vapp  templates are still needed.

      Is there a way using powercli or sql query ( ms-sql vcd 9.5) that I can tell the last time a catalog template was deployed ?

      Or is there a way I can tell  the original  template used to create  existing vapps?

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          jnivoit Novice
          VMware Employees

          vApp that were created from a vAppTemplate typically have a metadata entry whose key is

          vapp.origin.id and whose value is the ID of the vAppTemplate. Note that this is persisted during instantiation, but can be removed by end-users (with proper permissions), so is not in fact guaranteed to be present.


          There are some audit events that are raised during vAppTemplate instantiation, but you cannot rely on those (because they cover other types of things happening to those Templates...).