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    NSX-T 2.4:  Discrepancies in Edge creation between Getting Started and Fabric => Nodes

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      Noticing two odd things here in NSX-T 2.4. Want to run them by the community in case I'm just an idiot and am obviously overlooking something.


      1. When creating an Edge via the Getting Started Wizard (System => Getting Started => Setup Transport Nodes button), getting to step #8 of the wizard (Link to Transport Zone (North-South)), when selecting "Use Static IP List", the user has the ability to ostensibly configure an interface on the VLAN uplink in that transport zone. But once the edge is deployed, this interface doesn't exist and the IP isn't reachable. When creating an Edge via the traditional way (System => Fabric => Nodes => Edge Transport Nodes), regardless of the type of uplink profile you create, the IP Assignment field will not allow you to create any interface. I believe this is due to the fact that the interface is actually assigned as a T0 router uplink port. If that's so, what does setting this in the Getting Started wizard provide you? Not understanding something here, or maybe this is a UI bug.
      2. When creating an Edge via the Getting Started Wizard (System => Getting Started => Setup Transport Nodes button) and going all the way through the wizard after assigning transport zones and NICs to each one, viewing that same edge under Edge Transport Nodes shows that those NICs are swapped. See screenshots as follows.


















      If I create the Edge through the traditional method, the interfaces are assigned as indicated in that section and are consistent. Unless I'm again missing something, this feels like a bug to me, but because I can reach the TEP of the edge from my other transport nodes, I can't tell which is correct here.


      Anyone seeing the same thing or can validate this behavior (both points) in their environment?

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