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    Does ESXi work with AMD Ryzen?

    Satman Lurker

      ESXi 6.7.0 U2 and ESXi 6.5.0 U2 both give the same error.  I am using an MSI B450-A-Pro motherboard, AMD Ryzen 7 1700 and 32G RAM.  I get the following error, " no network adapters were detected.  either no network adapters are physically connected or a suitable driver could be located."


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Satman Lurker

          I thought I would update this post as I was able to add the Realtek drivers for my NIC adapter into the ISO and I have managed to install ESXi 6.7 U2 on my MSi motherboard with AMD Ryzen 7 1700 processor.


          However, I now receive a Hardware Virtualization Warning, indicating hardware virtualization is not a feature of the CPU or is not enabled in the BIOS.


          I have confirmed hardware virtualization is supported and enabled in BIOS.


          Any help would be appreciated,



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            daphnissov Guru
            Community WarriorsvExpert

            AMD Ryzen CPU series are consumer-grade processors. ESXi is not a consumer operating system and does not support the Ryzen line. That you got it to work at all is a gift and so you'll have to take it as it comes.

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              ChengtseLU Lurker

              Hello Brian


              AMD Ryzen can run on ESXi

              Maybe it is homelab simple test can be installed successfully


              Computer specifications are as follows:


              AMD Ryzen R5-3400G

              Asrock DeskMini A300 (Need BIOS P3.5 -Update support CPU microcode )

              Micron SO-DIMM DDR4-3200 16GB*2

              PLEXTOR M9PeG 512GB M.2 2280 PCIe SSD*1

              Noctua NH-L9a-AM4 (Thin cpu cooling fan)


              The computer is installed and only runs 1 virtual machine.

              Test and physical machine performance difference

              As the Asrock DeskMini A300 and MSI B450-A-Pro motherboard

              The built-in network cards are all Realtek RTL8111H (A300 can not be inserted into the card slot) <== net-r8168

              Also install a consumer SATA driver  <== sata-xahci

              So I have added NIC driver &  consumer SATA driver support before installation.

              Use esxi 6.7U2



              Attached picture

              Asrock DeskMini  A300

              - Motherboard: 5.8" x 5.4" (Mini-STX)

              - Barebones: 155 x 155 x 80 mm (1.92L)
              Install only M.2 SSD 512GB




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                ashishsingh1508 Enthusiast

                That CPU is not for server workload. It may still work.

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                  Rajiv Pandey Enthusiast

                  Hi Satman ,


                  Yes AMD Ryzen work with VMware ESXi 6.5 but only in home labs or in small environments . Because to when you installed ESXi 6.5 on AMZ Reyzen may be you will get PSOD on same time or latter . Although they have fix the issue like PSOD and many other Linux kernel issues , Disabling SMT is not good fix as it effect  the performance.


                  Rajiv Pandey


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                    ChengtseLU Lurker

                    ESXI6.5U1 should solve the SMT problem

                    Although I don't know exactly the stability

                    But I am happy to see ESXI compatibility getting better and better.



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                      son99 Lurker



                      Can you please tell me on the DeskMini A300 which devices are able to be passthrough to the guest?


                      On this A300, it seems there the SATA, USB, and NVMe are not hanging from the chipset but rather directly from the CPU.


                      This means there is a good chance these items can be directly passed through to the guest VM.


                      If you are able, can you please test if you can are able to individually isolate and pass through the USB controller, NVMe, and SATAs?


                      Thank you

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                        ChengtseLU Lurker


                        Items in the black box in the picture cannot be selected individually

                        Although it can be checked

                        However, the host USB will not be available (the ESXI physical machine cannot use the keyboard)



                        I tested the VM of WIN7, USB can passthrough

                        But USB needs driver not recognized

                        And after a while ESXI may not respond



                        This equipment is not recommended

                        Passthrough using ESXI is not very stable

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                          son99 Lurker


                          OK, that's a shame. I appreciate your help.

                          Thank you.