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    Creating an AppStack to apply default user settings

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      We use AppVol pretty heavily in our environment and recently I've been tasked with creating an AppStack to capture default user settings and applications.  In this case we need to capture the folder c:\users\default as part of the Appstack, to apply the default settings for some users.


      It looks like AppStacks by default exclude c:\users, so I have taken the default AppStack template and made a copy and commented out the exclude line for c:\users in the snapvol.cfg.  I can capture and test AppStacks and the c:\users\default folder is being captured to the AppStack itself.  I have tested this by updating the AppStack, and when it's attached to the VM we use for our AppStack provisioning, the c:\users\default folder shows up and has the settings in it.  However, when I assign this same Appstack to a user, they are not getting the c:\users\default folder on their VM and the settings aren't applying.


      I must be missing a setting or something.  Has anybody done this, with success?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  thanks.

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          Okay, so you are trying to create a writable volume but then as an appsatck.

          For me this is a big nogo. You use appstacks for application settings, the fact that HKCU and c:\Users is excluded is for a reason, do not use it. I believe you can;t even use it the way you would like to do.


          Either use writables for this of use UEM to capture these settings. If you have Appvolumes licenses I believe you also have the UEM licenses and it is way more easy to use UEM for this...