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    Launch another application (chrome) from a packaged app

    Djooleean Lurker

      Hi guys,

      I'm new to ThinApp and I'm stuck since more than 2 days...


      > My problem looks really simple. I have my own application (written in C# / .NET), and I want to launch Google Chrome (Thinapped too) with a dynamic url parameter.


      What is the best way to achieve this ?

      I tried the following solutions without success:

      - I made two distinct packages (MyApp.exe and Chrome.exe). I can launch Chrome from MyApp, but it's impossible to start it with a dynamic URL as parameter...

      - I tried to embed both apps in the same package. When I try to call Chrome from inside the package (from MyApp.exe) with the URL parameter, application crash with an error message...


      Start a virtualized process ?

      And looking at ThinApp SDK, I was wondering if I can start a new virtualized process from my own application (using the SDK ? but I don't know how yet...)

      Actually I use the following C# method: Process.Start("chrome.exe", "parameters...")


      In the .ini file I also added the following command line for Chrome:

      CommandLine=%ProgramFilesDir%\Google\Chrome\Application\Chrome.exe --no-sandbox --test-type


      I made my packages on a clean VM (Windows 7, x64). I use the latest Chrome version (maybe this is a mistake ?)

      Thanks in advance for any idea / Best practice!