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    Is VMware working to improve agent and tools upgrade process?

    Phylum Novice

      Although we have a few separate Horizon environments running anywhere from 7.2 to 7.8, and we have been using this for some time now, there are still portions of Horizon that are unclear.  My main complaint has to do with the process one must take in order to upgrade the underlying VMware software [on full clones] based on the information received from:

      • the team that originally implemented Horizon 6 and
      • the consultant we engaged to implement Horizon 7 and
      • VMware support while working through a bug we discovered some time ago.


      I'm completely open to the possibility that we're simply ill-informed/misinformed and if that is the case I'd appreciate a kind nudge in the correct direction.


      Assuming the below is not that far off base, does VMware have on their roadmap a line item to improve this process?


      Whenever a new version of VMware Tools is available, I find process for updating VMware Tools on the VM's rather arduous:

      1. Uninstall the AppVolumes Agent if applicable
      2. Reboot
      3. Uninstall the HorizonAgent
      4. Reboot
      5. Uninstall GPU Driver if applicable
      6. Reboot
      7. Upgrade VMware Tools
        • I've been told by VMware support to actually Uninstall VMware Tools, reboot then install the updated version but I'm open to the possibility that this is only for specific, older, versions of VMware Tools.
      8. Reboot
      9. Install GPU Driver if applicable
        • I've been told this has to happen before the Horizon Agent because there are 3D components in the agent that need to detect the GPU in order for them to be installed & setup correctly.
      10. Install updated version of the Horizon Agent
      11. Reboot
      12. Install the AppVolumes agent if applicable


      If we only need to update the Horizon Agent, it's only slightly less painful:

      1. Uninstall the AppVolumes Agent if applicable
      2. Reboot
      3. Uninstall the Horizon Agent
      4. Reboot
      5. Install updated version of the Horizon Agent
      6. Reboot
      7. Install AppVolumes Agent if applicable