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    Unable to add an IP address to Edge Interface After Upgrade to NSX 6.4.4

    vmmed1 Novice

      The interaction to add an address has changed with NSX 6.4.4 and ultimately it fails to permit one to add

      an address. This is a production blocker because we can't add new VIPs for Load Balancer vServers.

      Has anyone resolved this? In screen 1 - notice that you have to first hit "tab 14" to even find where

      NSX is requesting your input for the new IP. Bad UI design guys. But worse is scree 2. Even after

      you enter your IP and subnet mask - notice how the Save button is grayed out. TAC said they'd

      call back some time in four hours on the sev 2. But I'd much welcome sooner insight. Thank you!