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    Horizon information not showing up in Skyline

    RHofland Lurker

      I added a couple of Horizon Connection servers to Skyline a week ago, but no information is showing up in Skyline Advisor.

      The vCenter servers are showing up ok, and the collector is reporting both connection servers as Endpoints Working.


      I expected Horizon to show up under Inventory in Advisor, but nothing has happened so far.

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          ashwin_prakash Expert
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          Hello Richard,


          Welcome to communities,


          Horizon View endpoints will not be displayed under Inventory Tab, This is a known issue and we are working with engineering to have the Objects displyaed for Horizon View.


          As of now to check the Horizon View status, you would need to filter utilizing "End User Compute" under Findings and Recommendations, Which would give you the rundown of findings which are reported for Horizon.


          If you would like to know the status of the endpoint, you can check the same from the Admin page of the collector.


          Marking this question as correct answer due to inactivity. Please respond to this thread if the issue persists.