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    Dual vCenter Registration

    nmanm0305 Novice

      Im currently running vROPS 7.0. Ive started building a brand new 7.5 environment (i.e. not upgrading my existing 7.0 nodes). When adding the vCenter adapter to the new 7.5 environment, I receive the message shown below. If I answer 'yes', will my old 7.0 environment continue to collect data from vCenter? Or will only the 7.5 environment receive vCenter data?


      Ideally, I want the old 7.0 and new 7.5 environments to run in tandem until Im satisfied with the 7.5 build out (and then Ill shutdown the 7.0).


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          sxnxr Expert

          This is the vrops plugin to the web client.


          You can only have the plugin active to one vcenter at a time. This has nothing to do with the collection of data from the vcenters.


          before you decom your old vrops just go back into the adapters and run through the manage registrations wizzard to remove the oild and add the new

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            FredGSanford Novice

            So if you have 25 vcenters that you would like to use the vcenter vrops plugin, you would need 25 vrops instances?

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              sxnxr Expert

              you can have 1 vrops with 25 vcenters registered and all vcenters can have the web plugin

              you can have 2 vrops with the same 25 vcenter registered to both but only 1 vrops instence will provide the web pligin on the vcenter. You can have 10 with 1 vrops plugin and 15 with the other but only 1 web plugin can be active at a time