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    set alarm for vcenter vm disk space

    oliver g Novice

      Hello Vmware Experts,


      We have a vcenter server that has 3 hosts, each with 6 t0 10 vms, divided more or less



      We have run out of disk space on the vcenter service itself - fills logs and files/logs

      in places like "/storange/log/vmware/sso"


      I have looked at setting alarms for vm disk storage, but i have only seen where I can

      put an alarm on one (or more) of the vm's hosted on the three esxi hosts.


      Is there any way using vCenter or the vCenter client to configure such an alarm for the

      the top level server?


      Can snmp traps be set on the the vm? or some other method. I was hoping to be able to use

      the web client for the vCenter server to do this. I has vms' spread over 3 hosts, with three datastores.


      Any suggestions on this?




      Ollie G