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    Converted live Windows 10 Home w vCenter Converter - issues w booting up Win10

    vmware4dje Novice

      Hardware: Dell Inspiron 15-5568 (2-in-1).
      Software: Win10Home, Avira antivirus, Malwarebytes (both being the free versions)


      Have also tried before conversion to shutdown all apps running in background except for those I couldn't as I assume they are part of windows 10 OS
      I run VMware Player 7.1.4 build-3848939 and vCenter Converter Standalone 6.2.0 build-8466193

      My Objective: Convert my host to a VM which is running Win10 Home


      I have converted more than 10 VMs with different options...none worked so far. All conversions succeed without problems in the Converter.
      The error I get in VMware Player with every single VM I made is: 'Kmode Exception not handled'. I can cannot get into Repair mode on any of the VMs...a few of the VMs tried to Automatic Repair but they never succeeded


      Attachments explanations:
      Error message I get every time I start the VMs up.

      Overview of my partitions on Host I want to convert to VM.
      The steps I went through on the vCenter Converter.
      The partitions I choose - have tried many combinations of which ones to choose .
      Advanced Options in the vCenter Converter.


      Sure hope there is some bright people in here that can help me solve this problem
      Maybe its my choosing of partitions that gives me the problem?? or what do I miss??