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    iscsi target from Red Hat to Esxi

    gntavelis Lurker



      I am doing a lab using vmware workstation v15. I have two guests, One is the esxi host (v.6.7.0) and the other guest is running RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6.

      The ip of the redhat guest is and here is the output of targetcli. Firewall-cmd is enabled to accept traffic to port 3260



      And here is the configuration of my esxi


      iscsi pic.PNG

      adapter iscsi.PNG


      as well there is a picture that it show there is a communication between my target (Rhel)  and Esxi Host

      ping RHEL.PNG

      esxi ping.PNG

      please advise us how we can resolve this issue , since my iscsi adapter is online but i'm not able to see my iscsi storage device


      Thank you