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    vROps 7.5 app remote collector agent install fails

    alaingeenrits1 Novice



      I am trying the new app remote collector in vROps 7.5. Installation and connection to vCenter is fine. Unable to install CentOs7 agent or Windows 2016 agent from the remote agent console. Both have VM Tools 10.2 installed (replaced open source version on CentOS). Since they both failed i thought it was the old vCenter issue with symbols in passwd, so I changed linux root user to other passwd. Still fails. I get:


      com.vmware.adapter3.applicationdiscovery.AppOSAdapter.logAdapterActionResult - [2019-04-17 13:07:37.417000 UTC]Task with operation install failed at 1555506457417 with reason Failed to connect to vCenter. Please check the credentials. Unable to acquire token

      [654] 2019-04-17 15:07:57,322 ERROR [pool-1-thread-8] (74) com.vmware.adapter3.applicationdiscovery.actions.dispatch.UCPActionExecutor.checkActionStatus - Could not fetch auth token from UCP API. Unable to fetch the status from doc link. Hence trying from file...


      Any ideas ? Anyone tried this yet?

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