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    ESXI Reboot Troubleshooting

    rapid3642 Novice

      Hello, I am running ESXi 6.7 and I would love to learn how to troubleshoot the reboots that are occurring. Currently I only experience reboots when my Ubuntu VM is running and I try to play something on Plex. The transcoding almost seems to be too much for it but I have an AMD 8 core with 8gb of ram and no other VM or services running. I attached the support bundle that I generated just after a reboot. Any advice on things to check for or to help me and guide me into learning how to troubleshoot this issue is much appreciated.


      Server Specs:

      CPU: AMD 8150 8 core

      RAM: 8gb

      Esxi 6.7

      Running on standalone 5TB drive.


      Running VM's:

      Ubuntu server 18 running plex

      4 CPU's

      4GB of RAM

      Running on standalone 500gb drive.

      1 5TB USB external drive connected for storage.

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          MikeStoica Hot Shot

          Is it a custom made server? That processor it's not on the HCL so this might cause you reboots.

          Do you have VMware tools installed on the VM?

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            rapid3642 Novice

            Thank you so much for the reply, yes it is a custom made PC (its a desktop really) I was running ESXI 5 on this server for years but then it started restarting randomly as of recently then I started making changes such as buying a new power supply (700w) new network card (intel p1000) swapped out ethernet cable with a new one, bought a new hard drive for the OS to sit on, installed ESXI 6.7 non modified. After all of these changes nothing seems to be helping the situation. I sort of threw money at it lol which is not a good solution, so now I wanna diagnose this the right way lol.

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              StephenMoll Hot Shot

              I wold start thinking about checking the CPU seating and thermal paste. When was the paste last checked/changed?

              Swapping out memory modules and seeing if one of them has gone bad, or just needs reseating.