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    New custum Writable Template gets deleted automatically. Why and how to stop this!

    SummaCollege Enthusiast

      Running App Volumes v2.16.0.62.

      I have created a custom Writable_Template and uploaded it to the "cloudvolumes\writable_templates" folder. After that i was able to create several Writable volumes for a few test users based on the new template, and all seems to work like a charm.


      For the second time now i have noticed that my custom template has been deleted automatically overnight, it is not selectable as tamplate while creating a new Writable Volume and when browsing the datastore i can see that de actual .vmdk file had been deleted from the "cloudvolumes\writable_templates" folder.


      Why is this happening and how can i stop this behaviour? It is killing my setup and planning atm...