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    Windows Search service does not start using appvolumes 2.15

    acruzb Lurker



      We have deployed a new Horizon View infrastructure with the following characteristics:


      Production environment:

      -Horizon View Server 7.7.0

      -Horizon Agent 7.7.0

      -AppVolumes Server 2.15 (appstack version 2.14/2.15 and Writable version 2.15)

      -UEM 9.6


      Test environment:

      -Horizon View Server 7.7.0

      -Horizon Agent 7.7.0

      -AppVolumes Server 2.16 (appstack version 2.16 and Writable version 2.16)

      -UEM 9.6


      In the desks of some people does not start the Service "Windows Search". If we try to start the service we get the following error: "Error 5: Acces denied".

      We are doing the OST redirection of Outlook and the Windows indexing through the "AppVolumes" option in UEM. The destination is a Writable type "Template_uia_only". This is working for a part of the users. But other people have the problem described above.


      The problem is active in both environments. And for the two versions of Writable, 2.15 and 2.16.


      If I delete the Writable and have the user start without, it works normally.


      I have not appreciated change using version 2.14, 2.15 or 2.16 of appstack.





      Thank you very much in advance!