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    Replication for linked Clones

    RyanC777 Lurker


      My company is getting two groupings of VxRail hosts in two different locations.  Both of these VxRail groups will have their own vCenter. 


      We are building Horizon 7 on these vCenters.  The big thing is that if one of the sites goes down, the other site is able to run the virtual desktops.


      So my question is, Is it possible to build Horizon (using Linked Clones) in such a way that allows a user to turn on a machine from either location.  Is it possible to have a replication of a composer between both sites?


      Any info would be helpful,



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          Is there a reason you're going linked clones vs Instant clones?


          You have 2 sites, let's call them SiteA and SiteB


          You will install/configure Horizon in each place and create pools of VM's. Example ICPool1 (50 users)


          Using Cloud Pod Architecture you will link the two sites together so they are aware of each other. Then using global entitlements assign users to each pool. Then using Home Site you can ensure that users will always connect to an Instant Clone VDI in SiteA as long as the site is available. If something happens to SiteA the Cloud Pod (CPA) will check entitlements, see that users are also entitled to the pool in SiteB and direct them there for an Instant Clone VDI while you research what's happening in SiteA.


          Here are a couple of links for Cloud Pod Architecture that might provide some additional details.


          Cloud Pod Architecture Overview


          VMware Horizon 7 v7.5: Cloud Pod Architecture - Feature Walk-through - YouTube

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            RyanC777 Lurker

            The reason behind Linked Clones is that we were only able to get Horizon Advanced instead of Enterprise. 


            Therefore, we can't use Instant clones and have to use Linked clones. (Correct me if i'm wrong)


            Originally, we were trying to get Enterprise and that exact example setup you talked about is how we were going to build it.  Is it possible to do something similar with Linked Clones? Or even a way to have failover if a pod goes down, and users able to access a version of there desktop on another pod.


            Thanks for the response.

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              Ah I see, yes you need Enterprise licensing for Instant clones.


              You can still create a setup like this using Cloud Pod, global entitlements with floating linked clone pools. This way users are not tied to any one machine then the same scenario would apply.


              During setup, you would just need two composer servers (one in each site)


              That should work well too.

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                Awesome, thank you Joe.  This is exactly what i wanted to know.

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                  You're very welcome.


                  Glad I could help!