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    jvm2016 Hot Shot

      Hi Luc,


      just installed powershell core 6.2.0 on one of the test machine


      i can see both old and core coexist and now iam planning to install powercli11.

      can you tell me if core gives any enhancement to powercli commands ??

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          LucD Guru
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          The biggest advantage imho of PowerShell Core is that it runs on more platforms than PowerShell 5.1.
          This includes several Linux distriutions and MacOS.
          Due to that fact, you can also run it in a non-Windows container.

          There are, for the time being, a number of limitations, in the sense that not all PowerCLI cmdlets and  PowerCLI modules, are yet ported to PowerShell Core.

          This is partially due to the fact that .Net Core doesn't provide all the API that are available in the Windows .Net libraries.

          One of the most noteworthy are the CredentialStore cmdlets.

          These are missing, for now, due to the fact that .Net Core doesn't not have the DPAPI methods.


          On the PowerCLI Core documentation page, you can read up on the above in more detail.

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            jvm2016 Hot Shot

            TX iam going to check this .in short iam going to install power cli 11.will it work fine if we have both powershell 5.1 and core available.

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              LucD Guru
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              Yes, on a recent Windows station they can co-exist.