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    connection server 7.5.1 cannot load web?

    niceguy001 Novice

      i'm using a brand-new deployed horizon version 7.5.1 (with vsphere 6.7U1) and had installed connection service on windows server 2016(virtual machine).

      however, no matter how hard I tried, I could not use any browsers(chrome, firefox...etc) to browse the web of connection server.

      neither IP address or domain name can work, even the localhost can't link to it. the only thing showed on browser is totally a blank, as shown below:

      indeed i've tried to browse the web of connection server at the server itself but still could not be loaded.

      The most strange thing is: the "Horizon 7 Administrator Console" which is installed on the connection server is able to open the web and i can configure other tasks through it.

      does anyone know why? why can't the IP address and domain name of connection server work on browsers?