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    Importing ESX 5.0 Virtual Machines to ESX 6.5

    netlib Hot Shot

      I think I might be out of luck on this one.  I have an older ESX 5.0 machine with a number of VMs. It has been in use for many years.


      I recently got a new Dell Precision Workstation and successfully installed ESX 6.5 and the VCenter 6.5 Appliance.


      I then went to try to add the older ESX 5.0 host into the new VCenter 6.5 but received a popup that VCenter 6.5 is not compatible for ESX 5.0 hosts. WTH? Not upward compatible?!


      I actually want to retire the old ESX 5.0 machine and import the VMs into the new 6.5 machine.  Is there any way to do this? There does not appear to be a way, but I'm hoping that someone here went through the same experience successfully.


      Alternatively I am thinking of re-starting from scratch and installing ESX 5.5 and VCenter 5.5 on the new machine instead.  (Assuming VMWare still makes 5.5 available.)


      Any suggestions on how to deal with a problem which I must assume many other people have?