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    Locked Linux Folder

    FDMLTD01 Lurker

      I'm testing VMWare Workstation 15 on a Linux system. My problem is that the directory where the image of Windows 8.1 is being stored is locked. I cannot backup, delete, move or rename any files inside the folder because Linux has a lock on it -- I don't know how to remove this. I've asked the user forum for my distro of Linux, and they say it's an issue with VMWare; and not the OS itself. So I need to know how to unlock the folder to get to my data.


      Any ideas??


      Thank you for your help in this matter.

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          louyo Master

          Not much to go on, I would start with:

          If name of directory for image= /myvmstuff

          sudo chown -R lou:lou /myvmstuff

          sudo chmod -R  777 /myvmstuff


          change lou to your user ID.

          Do not use directories in the root partition. Create a separate directory on another hard drive, if possible. Otherwise, put it in your user directory (/home/lou/vmware)