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    "Fit Guest Now" not working after upgrade to Workstation Pro v15.0.4 (from v15).

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      I'm using VMware Workstation Pro version 15.0.4, recently upgraded from version 15. My host is Windows 10 (October 2018). My guest is Ubuntu Linux 18.04. After the upgrade it appeared as if the previously installed VMware Tools were not working, as the guest could not be fitted to the window set by the VMware application (e. g., "Fit Guest Now" was grayed out).


      I reinstalled VMware Tools in the guest. The script uninstalled the existing tools and installed the new tools. No errors or other suspicious (to me) issues were reported. However, after a reboot of the guest, "Fit Guest Now" remains grayed out and the guest comes up in a small, low resolution window.


      I'm not sure what I should be looking at to address this. Suggestions are welcome!