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    vSAN on ESXi hosts within Workstation 15 Pro (SSD cannot be used as capacity tier disk)

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      I have 3 ESXi 6.7U2 hosts running within Workstation 15 Pro.

      For each host, I have a SCSI 10GB disk for cache and 2x NVMe 50GB disks for capacity (also tried SCSI)


      The physical disk I am provisioning everything from is an SSD


      When I try to claim disks on the vSAN configuration wizard I see all disks can be used for cache but none of them can be used for capacity.


      I looked into the disks further and I saw that when running vdq -q on each host, "IsCapacityFlash": "0",


            "Name"     : "t10.NVMe____VMware_Virtual_NVMe_Disk________________VMWare_NVME2D0000____00000001",

            "VSANUUID" : "",

            "State"    : "Eligible for use by VSAN",

            "Reason"   : "None",

            "IsSSD"    : "1",

            "IsCapacityFlash": "0",

            "IsPDL"    : "0",

            "Size(MB)" : "51200",

         "FormatType" : "512e",


      I changed it with this command

      esxcli vsan storage tag add -d t10.NVMe____VMware_Virtual_NVMe_Disk________________VMWare_NVME2D0000____00000001 -t capacityFlash


      It reflects correctly under vdq -q now: "IsCapacityFlash": "1", but the same issue in the UI, in that I can't make it a capacity disk (dropdown for these disks only shows "do not claim" or "cache tier")


      There are no partitions on these disks, they are brand new, provisioned from workstation to the ESXi host(s). Also they are showing as SSD in the UI and I can see all disks in the vSAN disk claim wizard, but not getting "capacity tier" as a dropdown option for claiming.


      Obviously, this is totally unsupported but looking to see if I can get any guidance on this one from people here.