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    c# APIs with PowerCLI 11?

    Digitalguardianworkerbee Lurker

      We have some legacy components still running on ESXi 5.5 and we're looking to upgrade to 6.7. The legacy components hook into vCenter and automate VM deployments and install/config. It's not something we could easily port over to vRealize and Ansible (largely because we don't have the employees to do it, rather than because it's impossible -- small company problems). Anyway, the existing software we have is all written in C# and uses the PowerCLI APis. Except for one teenie, tiny little problem: I can't find vmware.vim.dll in the new PowerCLI 10+ installs (the PowerCLI versions for ESXi 6.7+). That DLL only seems to ship with the 6.5 and earlier PowerCLI installs. So...is the C# API just gone for 6.7? I can't find anything on google about where it went.