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    Logon Monitor Inaccurate for Windows 10?

    mchadwick19 Enthusiast

      Anyone else notice that the VMware Logon Monitor is fairly inaccurate in Windows 10 when comparing what the monitor reports to a stopwatch?


      For example the logon monitor reports somewhere around 30 - 40 seconds yet a stopwatch shows that the logon is more towards the 60 - 75 seconds. We have a legal message domain policy that gives us a good point in Windows to start timing the logon process.


      Using the Fling in the past on Windows 7 or Windows 10 LTSB the monitor was pretty accurate to +/- 3 seconds I would say.

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          vJoeG Hot Shot
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          I am seeing similar results with my current 1809 build in the lab as well and it's even varied between two separate Gold images.


          On both images the Logon monitor service is automatic and shows running but does log properly in one pool while the other the log files are not creating appropriately. Then if you go into the newadmin tool and look for the session details only limited data is there.


          Not an answer but validating that you're not alone.