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    VSAN VMs thin provisioning query

    ManivelR Enthusiast

      Hi Guys,


      I have some doubt on VSAN VMs thin provisioning query.


      Im using VSAN 6.7.0 update 1 and lot of Windows/linux VMs,NSX manager/vROPS available.


      I created a new storage policy and not added any rule "Object space reservation to zero" in to my storage policy.Which means,all the newly created VMs will be thin provisioning by default.


      I guess,without adding this rule,"Object space reservation to zero" in storage policy, all the VMs should be created as a thin provisioning. Am i right?


      All the VMs(Windows/Linux VMs) are listed as "thin provisioning",however NSX/vrops(created from OVA) are listed as "thick provisioning lazy zeroed"( i checked from both HTML & flash web client).Is this known bug? Please suggest.






      Manivel RR