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    VIO 5.1 support for volume encryption with barbican

    dworthlm Lurker



      I have just completed an fresh install of VIO 5.1 and I am trying to figure out if it supports volume encryption using barbican.  I have searched through the VM docs, but have not found anything.  I did look at the OpenStack doc on volume encryption,




      but from what I can tell, it looks like it may not be supported.  I did not see options in the custom config file and if I make changes to the cinder and nova configs, they will get overwritten since they are maintained by ansible.  Also, I did not see the cryptsetup package installed on the controller node.  This is a requirement.


      When I do walk through the steps in the OpenStack guide, I get a key manager 400 error. 


      Is volume encryption with barbican possible and has anyone here got it working?