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    Re-sell license to Subsidiary company

    AzaCloud Lurker

      Shalom all!!!


      Please, could you provide help with licensing of Service Provider Program (vCloud)?


      I`d like to know, can affiliated company use vCloud key?

      For example - we have "Hosting-Daughter Company" that uses 10 000 points and which is Subsidiary of two Parent Company - one of them is "Parent-Business Company" with owning 51% and second is "Parent-Telecom Company" with 49%....

      "Parent-Telecom Company" already has cloud business based on vCloud for hosting and every month buys 20 000 points.

      So nowadays "Parent-Telecom Company" wanna aggregate all vCloud points from Subsidiary company "Hosting-Daughter Company" and would like to buy 30 000 points cheaper and re-sell 10 000 points to "Hosting-Daughter Company"


      Is it legal?  (White Label Model for Rental License etc???)



      b.r., Aza

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          TomHowarth Guru
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          Reselling the licenses to the secondary company, no.  not via VCPP, however If the holding company is the one that has the VSSP /VCPP agreement with VMware then yes.  ALL reporting must be done via the holding company. and not the secondary company.

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            AzaCloud Lurker

            Tom, thanks!!!


            But what about "White Label Model for Rental License" from VMware Service Provider Program Guide Q4/2018 ?


            The “White Label” model is a model whereby a Service Provider (a “Master Service Provider”) resells its Hosted IT Service to another Service Provider (a “Secondary Service Provider”) ....

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              TomHowarth Guru
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              I understand what you are saying but that is an agreement between you and your subsidiary company. 


              Part of that agreement is that they will report their usage to the parent company, it is the parent companies responsibility to report the combined numbers to VMware - VMware has no part in the sub-letting of your licenses.  but you are expected to report all details.