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    Cloud Pod with two Pods, can users be managed with a single URL?

    matthewgONCU Novice

      We have a small View environment with around 80 linked clone vms. We are looking to expand to our DR facility as well. The plan is to have enough compute and storage at each location to provide enough in case either site fails. But we don't want DR just sitting. I created a Pod for DR and did a round robin DNS record (since we are only do local connections) to hit either a connection server at main or dr (4 in total 2 at each site) Everything is working fine, but since the connection server that a user will connect to is random (and we want it that way), if we need to do any management with that user, we have to log into a connection that the user is logged into and since we have two pods, we have to log into both to find the user. Is there anyway to log into one and see all logged in users? If we log into a connection server, we can only see the users that are connected to that pod.