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    RAID 1 is lost and inaccessible guests after activating the two hard drives

    smama21 Lurker

      Greetings ALL,


      I have the below issue and appreciate your support.


      I have DELL PowerEdge R710 with two hard drive used to be RAID 1. VMware host is serving two VM guests.


      With some power supply issues we encountered, I found the server is not working. Checked the BIOS and found the two drives are INACTIVE. I proceeded and activated them through SAS Controller (CTRL-C). However, after activation, I noticed the RAID-1 is not anymore applicable. That is drives are not member of RAID anymore unfortunately.


      I proceeded with loading the host. VMware loading but reached to an error indicating duplicate UUID. I understood is related to the two drives (they have same ID - could be) since they are mirroring to each other (my understanding only).


      I pulled the second drive physically and load the host again. VMware loaded normally. However when I remote connect to it using vSphere, I saw the two guests showing inaccessible (Unknown). I noticed there is no datastore.


      I have images of the two VM guests (vmdk)but not I do not have image for the whole two drives when RAID 1 was working.


      Two kind requests for help. I am new to VMware

      One which is to understand is the VMware installed in the drives or with the BIOS.

      Second, How I can return RAID1 and the VM guests. If not both, how to retrieve the VM guests using single drive.


      Help please.