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    vRO and Account Lockout Workflow

    Bunty11 Enthusiast

      Can i find in vRO for how many times it has ran the account lockout workflow for a same account ?


      E.g. If Account "ABC" is getting locked out for multiple times and account lock out workflow is unlocking the account each time, After 2nd or 3rd lockout i should be able to find that account is lockout 3rd time and this is an issue and needs problem management ?


      Is this possible from vRO ??

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          iiliev Champion
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          Not sure what is this account lockout workflow and what exactly it it does, but from vRO scripting you can enumerate all executions of a given workflow (if you know its ID) and check the values of its input parameters, and based on that take some action.


          Some sample code that shows how to enumerate executions and get the value of an input parameter:


          var wfid = "d99e1cfb-14ff-4654-a767-8c1261029bc8"; // replace with ID of your workflow whose executions you want to enumerate
          var count = 0;
          var accountToUse = "ABC";
          var accountInputParameterName = "account";
          var wf = Server.getWorkflowWithId(wfid);
          for each (var token in wf.executions) {
            var inputs = token.getInputParameters();
            if (inputs.get(accountInputParameterName) == accountToUse) {
          System.log("Executions whose input param value matches: " + count);
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            Bunty11 Enthusiast

            When we enter wrong password for 3 times, Active Directory Account Gets Locked.


            So when ticket is generated for account lockout, Account Unlock Workflow unlocks the account.