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    NSX 6.4.4 - Edge Stored Private Key

    Lalegre Enthusiast

      I need to extract a Private Key from an Edge because we paid for a certificate which was created the CSR from the edge and now we need to use that certificate with multiple Edges to use SSLVPN.


      Do you know where is that Private Key stored?



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          lmoglie Enthusiast

          Hi Lalegre, I don't think is possible to extract the PK from the Edge. So if you really want to use the same private key you can generate a new csr and private key, have them resign it then import it into both edges. But the key itself should not be exportable. So generate the key and csr from somewhere outside of NSX (using openssl for example). Then import them into both edges.

          After that it is and should be a black box.



          Lorenzo M.