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    SRM 6.5.1 crash down at windows 2012 when starting IP customising at recovery site

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      Hi All


      I have just  installed two vcenter and SRM server of 6.5


      The vCenter version is 6.5.0 build 6816672


      The SRM version is 6.5.1 build 6014840


      All installed on windows server 2012


      The version of vCenter and SRM are same for protected and recovery sites


      The ESXi of hosts managed by protected site is 5.5 and all VMs on hosts are installed with vmware tool

      The ESXi of hosts managed by recovery site is 6.5


      I have setup the SRM and recovery plan.


      But the SRM of recovery site keeps crashed down when I test the recovery plan


      I found if I customized the IP for the VM in the recovery plan, the SRM will crash down just when it started IP customization

      If I didn't customized the IP, all went well and test plan success


      But I need to customize the IP on the recovery site. And it is very bad with SRM crash down


      I have checked the vmware-dr log , but I can't find any panic info in it!!


      I retried many times (30 or more). And I found the SRM crash just after this log printed:


      Acquired Clone Ticket, Logging into VC (https://vcenterip:443/sdk) via VIX


      sometimes it will keep record some logs but I think they are not related.


      I seared all the internet and can't find anything can help


      So really need your help urgently


      Apologize for I can't copy the log out as I can only take SS of them




      srm crash.jpglog of srm.jpglog of srm 2.jpglog of vix.jpg

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          rshenoy Enthusiast



          • FIrst of all,VMware always recommends to have same host build across sites if IP customization is involved. The reason being VMtools plays a major role in achieving IP customization.
          • Second of all,VMtools prior to 10.0 used VIX authentication and post 10.0 It uses different authentication mechanism which is adopted from 6.5 too

          In my opinion upgrading your host to 6.5 and upgrading the appropriate VMtools on the servers at prod site should rectify the issue.


          Mo-rover from 6.5 any server below 10.0 vmtools fails with the error message "customization is not supported for installed vmtools version" during test recovery.