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    Moving a ESXi cluster with LACP/LAG configured on VM traffic uplinks

    sureshadmin201110141 Enthusiast

      I have a cluster of 8 nodes running in vCenter 6.5 and want it to move to another vCenter.

      The VM traffic phy uplinks (two of them) are configured with a LAG in DVS. i have created a VSS in every host and respective portgroups. in order to move them between vCenter's, i need to move the VM's to standard switch,

      for this if i remove a uplink from LAG and connect to standard switch, and change the VM portgroup to VSS, the virtual machine never comes into network.

      Even in some hosts i observed, the moment i remove a uplink from LAG the VM's in the host stops responding to network all of a sudden.


      what is the correct procedure to be followed to move the VM's from DVS with LAG configured to standard switch?