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    Modify License and Configure DRS in VSAN Cluster

    zaib123 Lurker

      Hi All Experts,


      I am running VSAN Cluster with 3 nodes in my environment with the standard license of VSphere Esxi (Surely will no DRS) . Now i want to modify the standard license with the Enterprise Edition and also have to configure the DRS in VSAN cluster along with HA.


      So now i want to know that changing the Esxi host license from standard to Enterprise will make any effect or it will changed smoothly and causes no errors in VSAN. and secondly after changing the standard license to enterprise license what are the best recommended steps to configure DRS in VSAN Cluster?


      Waiting for the response.

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          TheBobkin Virtuoso
          vExpertVMware Employees

          Hello zaib123,



          vSAN doesn't care at all what licensing level ESXi has so changing this should have zero impact.


          While DRS can be configured in just a few clicks, you are going to want to spend more time looking into the specifics e.g. partially/fully-automated, thresholds, resource pools and advanced options (e.g. which memory metric to use active or consumed) - which options you choose when configuring this is not something someone outside of your business can decide as it depends on what you want to achieve. So I would advise you read up on the basics of HA and DRS if you are unfamiliar with them so that you can then make an informed choice about how to configure it to suit this specific environment.