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    copy-vmguestfile when sourcevm is linux and user auth comes from AD.

    Grzesiekk Expert

      Hi all, quickquestion, has onyone seen an issue with copy-vmguestfile to get file from linux vm, to local disk(windows), when the guestcredential is a user on active directory ?

      Copy-VMGuestFile -GuestToLocal -VM $myvm -HostUser 'root' -HostPassword 'mypass' -GuestCredential (get-credential) -Source '/tmp/newtestfile' -Destination 'c:\scripts\commands' -Verbose:$true

      i tried: greg // pass , gregk@domain.my // pass, domain\greg // pass , and still i am geting Failed to authenticate with the guest operating system using the supplied credentials. When i will use local user, it works fine. Is there some limitation or i am typing my username incorrectly ?