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    Host user add, custom UID&GID and role assignment

    Pb981 Novice

      Hello community,

      I have this committment


      Enviroment : Multiple vcenters from 4.1 to 6.5




      • Create 2 new host users
      • Give them a custom UID and GID
      • Assign them the Administrator role
      • Shell access


      Until now i know i can create users on multiple hosts by  New-VMHostAccount using PowerCli, i can change UID with ssh command /usr/lib/vmware/auth/bin/chuid and assign them to Administrator role via vsphere client.

      Seems there is no way to do all of it using only PowerCli and seems there is no way at all to change the GID for 5.1 and above.


      Please, prove me i am wrong (i am sure i am...)