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    SRM 8.1 ABR CG's per Protection Group

    virtually77 Lurker

      Can we have multiple Array Based "consistency groups" with a single SRM 8.1 "protection group"?


      If so, can those CG's come from different array's?


      Assume SDRS and/or SvMotion will still only support moves among resources within a single CG without PG alert or becoming "un-configured"?



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          rshenoy Novice

          I am certain that it is not possible to add VMs from multiple array pairs(When you have different array you have more than one array pair) to the same protection group, you can add multiple LUNs/datastores to the same PG if they belong to a consistency group on the array.


          You can create multiple protection groups . Why do you need VMs from multiple array pairs in the same PG?