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    vRO 7.5 / HTTP Status 503 - Service Unavailable during initial configuratin

    SebastianGrugel Enthusiast

      Im using:

      Downloaded from: Download VMware vSphere

      Build: 10110089

      Hostname used during deployment: namevro02_test.domain



      My steps:

      1. Deployed vRO from OVA

      2. Used page https://IP:8283/vco-controlcenter/config

      3.  On first page "host settings" configured hostname to FQDN or name

      .4 Next during saving Authentication provider every time receiving error:


      HTTP Status 503 – Service Unavailable

      Type Status Report

      Message Service Unavailable

      Description The server is currently unable to handle the request due to a temporary overload or scheduled maintenance, which will likely be alleviated after some delay.

      Apache Tomcat/8.5.33



      Rebot not resolving problem. For workaround for now i can only back to previous snapshoot.


      Problem is not exist if we are using IP during Hostname configuration on first wizard page.


      Some suggestion ?