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    VRNI Recommend Rules Export/Import Question

    slinuxuzer2 Lurker

      Hello all, wondering if anyone can assist with a few questions. I recently noticed that when exporting VRNI recommended rules as CSV my VRNI seems to summarize physical machines into the CSV as "Other entities", I'm reading that in order to import recommended rules into NSX I need to use XML exports and the exports have to be based on Security Groups or Application Tiers. A couple questions.


      1. When we say security groups, do we mean NSX Security groups that VRNI is discovering?

      2. When we say application-Tiers, do we mean VRNI configured application Tiers? If so what does this equate do in NSX upon import, do the "Tiers" get created in NSX as security groups?

      3. What options are available for importing the XML items into NSX? Is it raw API only, or is there a UI or GUI tool?


      Thanks in advance.