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    New Release of Skyline Advisor Now Available

    mclopton Lurker
    GS Skyline Support VMware Employees

      The latest Skyline Advisor release offers several new features including: Basic Configuration Findings for Production Support customers, inactivity notifications, expanded Inventory View, Finding Type filter, Log Assist improvements and more.


      Note that these new features will be available when you log into your Skyline Advisor account. No need to update your Skyline Collector.


      Key Release Highlights:

      • Basic Configuration Findings for Production Support Customers: We have split Configuration Findings into Basic & Advanced to allow this change. The new Basic Configuration Finding enhancement is a simple change to a VMware product that enables you to avoid a potential issue in their environment. Our Premier Services customers will continue to receive all – Basic & Advanced – Configuration & Troubleshooting findings.
      • Inactivity Email Notifications: In the event that you have not logged into Skyline for 30 days or more, our system will trigger a notification alert encouraging you to log into Skyline and view your current proactive Findings & Recommendations.
      • Inventory View Enhancement: Inventory View now includes Horizon & vRealize Operations inventories.
      • New Finding Type Filter: You can now filter by Patch / Upgrade, Configuration, and Troubleshooting Findings.
      • Log Assist Enhancements:
        • Ability to validate permissions using a new Revalidate button
        • Enhanced UX for selected inventory
        • Log Assist privileges checks to ensure customer user has correct privileges to upload logs
      • Other Enhancements:
        • Resizing for left panel on Findings & Log Assist screens for greater view of complex/nested inventory
        • Skyline Advisor login error messages
        • New vSphere-TOCTOU-VMSA#2019-0005 Finding added:
          • VMware ESXi updates address out-of-bounds read/write vulnerability and a Time-of-check Time-of-use (TOCTOU) vulnerability


      Want to see v2.2 in action? Join one of our webinars in June or July to watch a live demo.