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    New Release: Skyline v2.1 Now Available

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    VMware EmployeesSkyline Moderators (GS DP)

      VMware continues to enhance Proactive Support with the release of VMware Skyline 2.1. This version includes many features requested by customers like you, including proactive support for Horizon and vRealize Operations Manager, Inventory View and the ability to Mute Findings.


      Skyline 2.1 Feature Highlights:

      • Proactive Support for Horizon (v7.0 and above) and vRealize Operations Manager (v6.6, 6.7 and 7.0) -- In addition to vSphere, vSAN and NSX-v, Skyline will now surface Proactive Findings for Horizon View and vRealize Operations Manager within Skyline Advisor, giving you the ability to improve stability, reliability and security across your Software Defined Data Centers and Virtual Desktop environments. Coming soon: Skyline Proactive Findings will also appear within the vRealize Operations user interface after installing the Skyline Management Pack, providing you with a unified platform to manage your VMware deployment and proactively avoid issues in your environment.
      • Inventory View -- You can view a consolidated list of your vSphere, vSAN & NSX-v infrastructure, as well as deployment identification for Dell VxRail and VMware Validated Designs. The identification and tagging of VxRail and VVD deployments will help you and VMware Technical Support to better understand and support multi-product solutions.
      • Ability to Mute Findings and Objects – You can now mute (hide) specific inventory objects and Proactive Findings that you want to delay remediation of for a period of time. You can unmute muted Findings and objects at any time.
      • Consolidated Operational Summary Report (OSR) package for Premier Services customers -- based on customer and employee feedback, a consolidated .zip file is now available for Premier Services customers and Tech Support Engineers (TSEs) to download from the OSR Library. The .ZIP file contains the Operational Summary Report (OSR) along with a CSV for every Proactive Finding. Included within each CSV are details of the finding, the risk if not remediated, recommendation and a list of all affected objects.
      • Additional Enhancements:
        • When using the Log Assist feature, customers and TSEs can now search by object name, which streamlines the Log Assist request process in large and complex environments.
        • Ability to export detailed Proactive Finding information for automated remediation with your automation tools.
        • Enhanced search and filtering.
      • Coming Soon: Consolidated Recommendations -- Findings are grouped by consolidated upgrade recommendations, which show software interoperability across products and enable you to see how your software deployment will be affected by remediating specific Findings. This feature will be released in a subsequent (coming soon) version of Skyline.


      If you have the “Auto-Update” feature enabled within Skyline Collector, your version will be automatically upgraded to v2.1. Otherwise, use the Skyline Collector VAMI to upgrade to the latest release and take advantage of all the new features and enhancements.


      Want to see v2.1 in action? Join one of our webinars in April to watch a live demo.