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    scale out load balncing hybrid cloud

    iMech Novice

      Good evening;


      Im working on a project to implement a hybrid cloud solution


      the solution is expected to allow a virtualized computer system, initially deployed in private cloud mode (VMware), to expand when it experiences point load peaks

      to a public cloud and then back to the private cloud once the load is down (scale out / scale in).


      when the load is waiting (egemple: 80% use of RAM) on my first VM (vmware-private cloud) I switch traffic to another machine (in openstack - public cloud)


      We use vmware for the private cloud.

      We use openstack for the public cloud.


      the idea is not migrating all to opensatck - it's just doing some sort of load balancing or tilting between the two clouds

      scal in scale out



      The question is: is there a tool or a set of tools in vmware that can help me realize my project?

      vmware integrated openstack it is part of  my solution ?


      1-- I can create an alarm in vsphère that triggers when exceeding a certain threshold of RAM example 80%.

      2- using powerCLi an image will be clone and deploy in opensatck

      3- I use maybe 'vmware integrated openstack'

      4-i use maybe kubernets


      I do not know yet the feasibility of his tools for my project


      For the return path (go back to the private cloud once the load drops) I'll see that side public cloud (openstack)

      Thank you for sharing documentation or links to the documentation with me





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          What you're talking about here is known as "cloud bursting" and, yes, there are several ways to go about doing this (lots).You've named lots of technology in the course of your post, but it really comes down to the requirements of your application and the components thereof. So unless you can be more specific as to these points I'd have to suggest you do some Googling on cloud bursting methods.

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            iMech Novice

            thank you for your comeback

            I add that , i the need is to redirect the sudden traffic on my first VM

            there is momoent or the first VM suffers multiple http ftp connection

            it is at this moment that I want to use a second VM which will be a clone of the first but in an environment openstack


            we already use openstack for other use case

            that's why I want to enjoy


            I hope the idea is clear


            if so thank you for proposing real ideas to start the work



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              iMech Novice


              you said there is more than one method

              can you give one or two

              for the term cloud bursting yes that's exactly what I'm looking for

              but it's a shame that I do not have open source solutions that can help me

              so do you have an idea about how i can do this by starting from base that i have a licensed vmware product

              thank you