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    Horizon View - USB Check Scanner

    voelk01 Novice

      We are attempting to implement USB check scanners in our VDI environment, and having significant issues. I was hoping anyone that has implemented this in an environment like ours may have some helpful advice.


      All end users connect to our Horizon View environment through a Wyse P25 zero client. They log into a Windows 10 v 1803 desktop that has View Agent v. 7.8 installed (with scanner redirection and USB redirection enabled).  We are testing three different vendor models of USB check scanners (Digital Check, Panini, Burroughs). For each check scanner, we are getting different results. Sometimes the scanners will work successfully, some times they receive errors, sometimes not at all.


      To add further confusion, after logging into the Windows desktop, Windows device manager does recognize the scanner and labels it “VMware Virtual WIA Scanner”. The issue we are having is the vendor image capture software that uses the scanner – has a prepopulated list of scanners you have to select. So if we plug in a Digital Check TS240 and select Digital Check TS240 in the application, it does not recognize that this scanner is attached to the virtual desktop.


      After looking up some older threads, our initial thought was to use the VMware "Scanner Redirection Preferences" system tray icon and  enable the option "“Use vendor defined names for TWAIN scanners”. After working with VMware support, they stated that a Wyse P25 zero client is not supported with Horizon View scanner redirection. This was somewhat verified since we do not see the "Scanner Redirection" system tray icon when logging into Windows. But confuses even more because how the scanning will "sometimes" work.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Avenger429 Lurker

          Not sure if you got this resolved or not, but we use Burroughs check scanners in VDI via USB redirection on HP Thin Clients. In order to get this to work, we had to install the drivers for the scanner into the Gold Pattern/Image (whatever you refer to the master image as) and connect the device via host USB. After that, we pushed the image, and we were able to connect the scanner via the redirect and scan away.

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            MaxStr Enthusiast

            We use check scanners with our VDI, but we have full desktops (Mac/PC) client machines, not thin clients. I found that the scanner redirection feature did nothing for us, because it's not technically a scanner. The Horizon client just sees it as a regular USB device, so after removing the scanner redirection driver I was able to get it working with USB redirection. That might work for you because the USB redirection won't rename the device as "VMware Scanner"

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              jpatara Lurker
              VMware Employees

              We are using the burroughs smartsource scanner and we have the same problem. Which drive did you use in this case? We are also concerned about the amount of network bandwidth used for image scanning. Did you find any solution to this? Tks for your help.