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    Snapshots of Citrix XenApp servers take forever to take and delete

    ThomasMcCarroll Lurker

      Have been running into a situation that occurs more often than not. 


      VCSA 6.7

      Guest OS: Windows 2016

      Application: Citrix XenApp 7.15




      We have about 70 Guests running Windows Server 12 and 16.   We do monthly maintenance and take snapshots before we apply updates/reboots.  Out of our 70 guests 12 of them are XenApp servers running XenApp 7.15.  About 3/4 of the time these servers take an inordinate amount of time to take a snapshot and even longer deleting the snapshots.   When this issue arises  we lose access to the system except through the console until the snaps are finished deleting.  The other 58 servers don't ever experience this issue.   


      I cannot find any rhyme nor reason as to why this happens.  The environment does not change the only commonality is that this only happens to my XenApp servers.  


      Does anyone have ANY idea why this would be??