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    Provisioning machine can't provision

    CoreyN Novice

      I recently changed our templates over from Win10 1709 to 1803 and while the previous app stacks have kept on working I figured that it was time to update the provisioning VM to match the new build.  So I did the same steps that I used for the 1709 provisioning VM - clone from the current template, rename, remove UEM / AppVol / Horizon clients, and re-install only the AppVol client, etc. to make it resemble the current desktop pools.  When I create a new stack or update an existing one and try to provision it, the console says that it's attached to the new provisioning VM but nothing ever happens on the VM (no notification box, no additional volume, etc.).  If I follow the attachment in the console it shows the correct VM name and IP address but the client svservice.log file shows no activity for the attachment.


      Has anyone else ran into something similar?  For what it's worth I can still power up the old provisioning VM and everything works fine.  End users are also having no issues with stacks when logged into VMs based on the new template.



      Relevant system info:


      Win10 1803 x64

      Instant Clones

      App Volumes 2.15

      Horizon 7.5.1

      UEM 9.6